What are the costs?
There is currently no charge for our courses. However, an ‘Invitation Code’ (also free) is required to set up an account.

Where do I get an Invitation Code from?
You may have been provided one by a consultant – we prefer you use this if you have been given one please.
Otherwise, you may request one using our Contact page.

How is the information sourced?
Course material comes from specialists in their field. We ensure, where possible, it is research-based information.

When does the course start?
You start it anytime and work through it at your own pace.

How do I log in?
You should be able to log in on Login page with the password you entered when you registered on the Registration page.
If your password is not working…
You can reset your password on the Forgot Password page.
If you reset password email hasn’t shown up…
Please check your spam and trash folders.
NOTE: Sometimes it goes to one of your devices only (e.g. your computer but not your tablet/phone). So, you may need to check both/all.
Once you find the email…
Click on the reset password link and follow the instructions to set a new password. Now you should be able to Login.

What do half-circles vs. ticks mean? 
Half circles indicate that you have clicked ‘Mark Complete’ on the lesson but haven’t got 100% on the quiz.
NOTE: You may have passed the quiz (indicated by the symbol next to ‘Quiz’ being green).
-You can tell if a lesson has been completed by either going into it or simply clicking ‘Expand’ (or ‘Expand All’ at the top) and ensuring that there is:
(A) a tick next to the ‘…Video / Audio-only & Transcript’ and,
(B) the symbol next to ‘Quiz’ is green.

Other Questions that have come up:

As your programme is new I was wondering if there is a hiccup with the above answer. It is simple enough but no matter what answer I put in it is not accepted. I have found that with other quiz questions too that they don’t accept the short version of the answer. This tripped me up earlier on but when I got to this question it won’t accept short of full answers. Is it me or the programme? 

PD SUPPORT: This has been tested it and it is working.

Could variable (correct) formats of the answer be accepted?

PD SUPPORT: The program we use to run the course will only accept the correct, long answer.

I have missed the space left for an insert (Neurodiversity, question 1) because it wasn’t obvious so I only put two answers not three. Just frustrating more than anything but you have to repeat the ones you marked correct as well as the incorrect ones. Could the ‘gaps’ be shown as an empty box rather than a blank space?

PD SUPPORT: The program we use to run the course won’t allow us to change the way this is shown unfortunately.

Please note that my computer keyboard skills are not wonderful so a small mistake can upset the answer as it obviously has to be exactly the same as what you have written it down as (but it could still be correct).

PD SUPPORT: Feel free to simply copy and paste the text from the transcript into the answer spaces. The act of searching for + copy-and-pasting answers activates our memory and learning.
Note: once you have completed a quiz (even if you didn’t put anything in the boxes), you can click ‘View Questions’ and it will give you the correct answer for the fill-the-blank ones. Remember: All the answers are in the Transcripts anyway.

Text for running record: I have tried to find the running record text that I can use to do a running record but haven’t been successful. Is it correct that there is text available for me to use? It would be good if I had a page that I could print. I don’t have any structured texts available to me at this stage.

PD SUPPORT: When you go into the quiz for Running Records and click on the quiz. One the second question is a link to the page where it is available. You will need to register a (free) account at: https://www.rainbowreading.org.nz/products/reading-level-assessment/
-Where it says, “Please register/login here”. After registering/logging in, if you go back to the page above, you will then be able to download the file to print.