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Presented by Michaela Khani, Teacher, Masters Speical Needs

Who this course is for:

Whether you are a tutor, teacher, parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle… this complimentary (no charge) course is for you.

Or, perhaps there is an adult in your life who you’d like to help improve the reading of.

Regardless, the teaching approach this course covers has been research-proven time and time again to 4x the speed of reading improvement in students; children and adults.

Specifically, students gain an average of 12 months in his or her reading level every 10 weeks – that’s an increase of 1 year per term.

After you have completed this course, a certificate is provided as proof of completing professional development. You also become accredited to access other (exclusive) courses.

No matter what your current level of expertise, there is something to be gained for all.

Learn the best way (or all ways) for you…

  • Visual: transcripts provided for all lessons.
  • Audial: audio-only; great for driving, gardening or whatever else you’d like to do while learning.
  • Video: multiple sensory.

There are also fun quizzes with every lesson to reinforce learning and enhance enjoyment!

Do as little or as much per learning session as you like – progress is saved as you go.

NOTE: Access to free teaching resources is provided along the way.

Enrolment in this course is free as is registration to this site

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What others have said about this course:

“I have really enjoyed doing this course and it has reinforced that I am doing everything correctly.”

Bronwyn R. | Teacher

“I found it easy to use and informative.”

Susan M. | Teacher

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Welcome to the course
Speak & understand the lingo...
Life gets easier when you get this right...
Finding the correct difficulty...
Meeting the difficulty...
Beyond just difficulty...
How to get interest in the chosen book...
Where the rubber hits the road...
The magic formula...
Saving teacher/tutor time + Speeding up learning...
Let's keep track...
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